Door size Vegetable garden

Door size Vegetable garden

No plot is to small to grow your own veggies.

Dig out a door size as deep as 50cm. (not more than knee high).
Collect stones in the bottom area & cover lightly from your soil heap.
The 2nd layer will be your collection of tins on the plot, again soil covered.
Next place the paper and cardboard also collected on site and cover again.
Now follow with a layer of decomposed manure and grass cuttings and once again cover with soil.
Now you have reached the normal surface level. Water well once a week and let the site rest for 4 weeks.

Now your garden door size patch is ready to plant all your veggies needed for a normal house hold. Route year in for 3 years and no chemicals needs to be used but use your earth worm casting to give your plants a boost.
HAVE YOU Noticed You have cleaned your plot at the same time
Note : Nothing stops you to prepare your 2nd patch for an extended family.

Source: Pierre Botha 0823744509 e mail

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