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It is possible for every garden, small or large, to be beautiful with balance and harmony. It should be the sanctuary one turns to after a hectic day, peaceful yet energising, and the ideal entertainment area for summer evenings. Unfortunately with limited time and knowledge gardens not-totally-satisfactory often remain just that.

A dream garden should reflect the gardener's personality and created by the artistic grouping of thriving plant combinations. Taste, needs and plant knowledge with certain factors, practices and principals of gardening will guide a design whether improving on established gardens or starting anew.

Best results are achieved when thoughts and ideas are put to paper first, thus saving money, effort and headaches later. Studying the chosen plant types is of utmost importance for their health depends on correct treatment, planting positions and climates.

DIY Design
Through careful planning and design you can eliminate costly mistakes, especially where hard landscaping is concerned. This will also prevent impulsive decision-making and thus creating an ill balance between your home and garden, like marrying an ultra-modern home to a romantic cottage garden. Additionally it gives you enough time to think of requirements like a washing line for instance, or sun and shade requirements according to seasons. By taking the time to put a design on paper, meditate over it and re-design it, you save yourself time and money in the long run.

Design Styles
Garden styles often say something about the owner’s personality. Unfortunately, it does not always complement the home’s architecture and visa versa. Consider the style carefully and if you cannot restrict yourself to one style only, create rooms - as you would indoors. Spaces of formality, informality, romance etc. But make sure there is a flow between these rooms.

Design Small Gardens
Small city gardens are the norm today. Previous generations could experiment with plants and designs in ample space, but our reality is one of careful consideration, great planning and coping with confined spaces...

Low Maintenance
Most people enjoy having a garden - some enjoy working in it. If you enjoy sitting more than crouching in it, a low-maintenance garden is the answer. There are numerous tips that can make a time-consuming garden one that needs a little watering now and then and TLC maybe once a year. One thing is for sure, you cannot have a large lawn and low-maintenance in one sentence!

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