Low Maintenance

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Low-maintenance gardens are especially good for people without the time or ability to do regular physical work.
This style of garden is mostly self-sustainable. Careful planning is needed for these gardens for their purpose is not for aesthetic appeal only. The time and effort you are prepared to spend will determine the type and number of plants incorporated, lawns or paving and the styles from minimalist, formal or informal.
Introduce pebbles or gravel in beds for high impact and easier maintenance by preventing weed infestation. If plants are chosen according to their drought tolerance you are assured of minimum effort.

Lawns can prove a never-ending effort of mowing, watering, feeding and edging. Other alternatives are ground covers or hard surfacing such as decking, gravel or paving. For visual interest play with different layering patterns when paving and maybe leave open shapes filled with gravel. Soften paved edges by planting subjects without vigorous root systems. Look at the different colour ranges, shapes and sizes and make sure your chosen materials are weather and traffic proof. Decking can be wonderfully enhancing to any garden.

Consider the hardy Clover or a flowering type like Thyme for smaller areas without heavy traffic. Be adventurous in combining different mediums together, often seen in Japanese gardens.

Looking for ground covers?

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