Culterra introduces Worm Farms into the mix

Culterra introduces Worm Farms into the mix
Culterra introduces Worm Farms into the mix
, a leading horticulturist and supplier of a wide range of products including organic ameliorants, potting media, concrete paving and organic and chemical fertilizers, has recently introduced Worm Farms as part of their extensive product offerings.

Roddy Higgins, Marketing Manager from Culterra comments “As our country’s population and therefore household waste increases, further strain is being put upon landfills and dump sites to contain and break down the waste. This compounds the current crisis being faced by landfills countrywide as tonnes of waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable, is dumped each day. What many people don’t realise is how much waste they actually create each year. For example each person creates about 3.5kg of rubbish a week. For a family of four people, it amounts to a staggering 770kg every year, of which almost 80% can be recycled."

Culterra’s Worm Farms assist in eliminating much of the waste produced by households through ‘Worm composting’ – or ‘Vermicompost’. An advantage of this process is that it is an aerobic system and as such does not smell. By feeding on three to five times their body weight in organic waste these wriggly workers excrete worm casings which consist of organic matter that has undergone a physical and chemical breakdown. This product can be used to fertilise the garden, replace lost nutrients in the earth and create healthier, more fertile soil as it is a rich source of macro and micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics, growth hormones and microflora.

South African’s are currently facing a landfill crisis, as organic waste material mixed with inorganic materials in landfills and with the absence of oxygen produces harmful leachates that pollute ground water and emit methane gas. By recycling organic matter at home with the help of Culterra’s Red Wriggler worms, each household can do their part towards keeping our country’s drinking water safe from pollution.

Roddy continues “Our Worm Farms have three-layers, the top two bins are used for disposal of organic waste, while the bottom bin collects the highly concentrated worm tea. When purchasing the Worm Farm you will be supplied with enough worms so that you can begin composting immediately."

The Worm Farms are available from leading nurseries and Garden Centres. For more information please visit

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