Container and Herb Gardens

Container and Herb Gardens

Adansonia digitata Baobab, Kremetart
(northern, frost-free regions of South Africa)
A remarkable tree with a large (up to 20-plus metres in circumference) trunk with grey bark. The foliage is large and divided into 5 to 7 leaflets, borne on single stalks. Large oval-shaped fruits, covered with velvety yellow hair, follow the Baobab's large white flowers that are produced during summer.
Medicinal properties: inflammation, diarrhoea, urinary problems, fevers.
Parts used: the whitish fruit pulp (surrounding the seeds) is made into a drink.

Container Gardening
Growing your plants, floral or edible, medicinal or aesthetic, in containers saves space and adds an attractive element to big or small areas.
Select your containers based on where they will be positioned. A window box is ideal for kitchens, a hanging basket for outside the window and 2 large pots for flanking the back door. Pots can be terracotta, plastic, wicker or wood for example.

Herb Gardens
You can create a brilliant feature through herb gardening but keep it near the kitchen for convenience and rich aroma. Many of these plants possess medicinal properties and are used in food, tea, cosmetics and in other forms. The seeds and plants are harvested for their preventative properties, its nutritional use and grown for the aesthetic pleasure it provides. Herbs can be planted in geometric, formal to informal beds, herb wheels and containers. Plant smaller, more ornamental subjects in the front with compost-enriched and well-draining soil. Ensure your plants will receive ample sun, no draught and regular watering. Play with design possibilities and visual alternatives like colour schemes and let your personal need and preference guide you.

Holiday Project: Mini Japanese garden for kids
Use a thick green A4 paper for the base, a curving blue paper "stream" and a bunch of short same-sized twigs grouped over the stream as the bridge. Cut short slits into the base of a toilet roll and staple it down next to the stream. Next collect and glue on tough leaves, such as rubber tree leaves. Finish off with small pebbles.

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