Chelsea feedback, feeding your garden, pot plants and roses

Chelsea feedback, feeding your garden, pot plants and roses

South AfricaÆs double scoop at Chelsea Flower Show
The Kirstenbosch-South Africa exhibit won its 29th gold medal and scooped the Presidents Most Creative Award - a brand new award given by the RHS President Peter Buckley - at The Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show in London this year. Capturing the essence of the effects of climate change on our unique biosphere designers David Davidson and Ray Hudson engaged the judges and the public with the exhibit "The Heat is on" showing very clearly how global warming is already affecting our fynbos. Read more and view pictures.

Arctopus echinatus, Kaapse platdoring
(distributed in the Cape fynbos area, from Port Elizabeth to Nieuwoudville)
Male and female flowers of yellowish-green are produced by different plants of this plant. It has spiny leafed rosettes, growing flatly on the ground and a fleshy, tuberous root. Dry spiky fruit follow the flowers of female plants.
Medicinal properties: bladder ailments, skin irritations, epilepsy.
Parts used: infusions of the root (for bladder and epilepsy problems). Read more...

Remember when fertilising...
- Before applying a fertiliser, water the area well.
- Water plants immediately after applying granular (dry) fertilisers, thus preventing nitrogen burning.
- Do not choose windy days to use dry fertiliser.
- Wait for the cooler times of the day to fertilise, especially if the plants are in direct sunlight.
- Never fertilise during rain, too much watering could cause it to wash beyond the root levels.
- Symptoms of nutrition deficiency should not be confused with what could be undesired lighting, drought or disease. Read more...

Replanting Pot plants
is necessary when the plant roots have filled the entire container and water the plant thoroughly a day prior to re-planting. Prepare the pots by ensuring sufficient drainage holes and adding 3cm of crushed stone to the base. Incorporate some of the potting soil on top of the stone level and test the height by placing the original potted plant inside. Add more soil to the base until the plant's top root ball is 2cm below the new level. Read more...

Gardening for Birds
The Chinese lantern (Abutilon vitofolium) is fast-growing and evergreen, 2m high and summer-flowering. The large lilac flowers appear in 3s or 4s on soft wooded stems, alongside greyish-green leaves. It tolerates frost (but will drop leaves) plus subtropical conditions (where flowering can extend into winter) and propagate easily during summer from soft tip cuttings! Plant in loamy soil that drains well, protect her from hot, dry winds and give regular watering during dry periods. Prune well in late winter and follow with a complete feeding programme. See - the South African Birds List!

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