Bewitching Begonias

Bewitching Begonias

Begonias'If it’s long lasting, bold colour you are after this summer then look no further than Begonia semperflorens or bedding Begonias. Just the thing to brighten up those dull areas in the garden Begonias are renowned for their easy-growing and free-flowering habits. To top it all off they are available in the hottest colours - red, pink, white and cream, set off against bright green or deep bronze foliage.

Begonias are an excellent alternative to impatiens for masses of summer colour. They thrive in both sun and shade. These obliging plants are also tolerant of both acid and alkaline soils. The white and light pink varieties are particularly well suited for the shade because the lighter colours show up well, while if the reds are planted in sun their colours are a shade or two deeper.

Begonias'Quick 123
1. The uniformity of their size and shape, combined with their bold foliage and striking blooms makes them ideal for mass plantings.
2. While they are particularly well adapted to shady areas, they also put on a magnificent show in sunnier spots.
3. They take well to life in containers and pots and are perfect for brining interest into dull nooks.

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