Gardening in South Africa – Another Home-Grown Star

Another Home-Grown Star.

As you know by now I'm crazy about our country - its fauna and flora, the climate, people - you name it. Home-grown stars from around the world make us proud right - our Protea for instance has started a whole d?cor movement and our beaded accessories have seen the catwalks of Milan. Many international stars fall from our Serissa tree - the Tree of a Thousand Stars.

Peta Stockton is one of our stars whose light is burning a blinding bright. She is a botanical artist that originally studied art at UCT and who had the privilege of teenage years in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden's grounds where her parents live. This Kirstenbosch-period and a passion for art resulted in an acclaimed botanical artist. She is known for her exquisite (and emotionally moving) flower studies of protea members. She has a thing about painting these flowers during their drying periods and thus capturing changing colours and shapes. The beauty of graceful ageing. Her work is very precise, extremely detailed and yet totally uncluttered. No surprise then that she received a Gold Medal on her botanical art debut at the 2004 Kirstenbosch Biennale and again at the 2006 London show of RHS. A Gold at either of these events is an amazing achievement. RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) speaks for itself of course and a 'golden debut' at the 2004 Kirstenbosch exhibit is incredible as standards are extremely high. I remember going to that particular exhibit and with respect to all the fellow exhibits, Peta's work was in a class of its own. She now lives Austria and has her work dotted around the globe in private collections, The Lindley Library, The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shirley Sherwood Collection and The Issac Sutton Collection. Yet, despite all her success and the Vienna lifestyle, my friend misses the mountain, its snakes and rebellious insects.

Peta's work can be viewed on and on our website at Peta Stockton.

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