Organic growing with Earthworm castings

Organic growing with Earthworm castings

On a daily basis lots of kitchen waste and garden lawn cuttings, as well as yesterday’s news paper land on the wrong refuse dump.
Are we always aware where enough space for dumps in the next ten years will be found? The same apply to the fruit and vegetables not grown organically, which are offered to the consumer at an increased price, but proven a remarkable reduction of real food value.

If we understand that with everybody contributing to growing proper food in our own gardens - then do so with earthworm castings. This organic compost through earthworms will help us to make gardening a real pleasure.
Just look at the outstanding benefits:

1 Introduce team-work amongst scholars and providing compost for a school vegetable-garden and the running of your own soup kitchen.

2 Make surplus compost available for teachers/parents for their own home garden, the same apply for surplus fresh organic garden vegetables.

3 Also have earthworm tea available, serving as a pot plant feed and economic plant medicine – chemical free!

4 Sell the surplus earthworms which multiply by at lease 500 times in one year.

Thus a most effect way to generate fund for your school/ as an individual

But to avoid impossible high capital as a young entrepreneur learn the following lessons:

1 Always begin small not more than 200 earthworms
2 Obtain the correct earthworms
3 Learn as you go along how you must look after your compost earthworms, container, food, watering system, sharing ideas and also harvesting
4 Make surplus earthworms available to your friends at school and learn the principle of sharing valuable information.
Thus outlook in life already others to generate enough funds to pay 1-2 teachers for addition subjects at school not currently allocated as per budget .Please help to provide funds .
All the above is already on call but the individual most only take the final decision!!!

Just remember right through your live all possible ideas are on tap, but the secret remains to get the correct stock, with the real recipe and the customer already available.

Who ever that wants more info are more than welcome to call me for correct guidance of this wonderful profitable hobby/ solution to national shortfalls .
Article by P Botha 0823744509

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