Flowering Favourite – Primula malacoides

Flowering Favourite - Primula malacoides

Flowering Favourite - Primula malacoidesPrimula malacoides, or Fairy Primula, is a wonderful bedding plant which brings cold, drab winter gardens to vibrant, bountiful life. Primulas are invaluable to brighten up those shady areas in your garden. Throughout winter and spring they throw out tiered spikes of small but densely packed flowers atop neat rosettes of crinkled green leaves. A visit to your garden centre will reveal richly coloured forms in purple, pink, crimson, red, white and shades of rose.

They prefer well drained soil enriched with well rotted manure and compost and plenty of moisture. They work well when planted on mass or inter-planted with spring flowering bulbs violas, pansies and Iceland poppies. If you have limited space, plant them in pots.

Flowering Favourite - Primula malacoides
Information supplied by the Bedding Plant Growers Association. For more information please visit www.lifeisagarden.co.za

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